Great Escape Lodge New York - NOT so "GREAT" Escape

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We had reservations to this "family" park for 11/30 - 12/2. The reservation was paid in full. This was our first time at their lodge.

Since 2006 we've had summer season passes to their Great Escape and Outdoor Waterpark (2 adults and 4 children, well over $400.00) and our children were anxious to try this indoor park.

On Tuesday 11/27 our grandmother passed away unexpectedly and the family was in shock, including our children. I called 11/28 to cancel our reservation and spoke with a reservation agent that was very sweet and thought she could refund our whole reservation. Their policy is cancel 7 days prior to your arrival and you would receive a refund minus a -$25.00 fee. She said her manager was in a meeting and thought she could do that for us considering the circumstances but indicated she would have to call me back in about an hour.

After not hearing anything from her in an hour and a half I called back and spoke to a rude "gentleman" who stated that there was nothing they could do and he stated "if your grandmother had died a week earlier, we could have refunded your money". I was in total shock!!!! He stated that since our cancellation wasn't within their 7 day window we'd lose one night stay, $219.00 but they could refund the the second night $252.00 and that was the BEST they could do. I even suggested that they give us a credit of $219.00 so we could use it next year for our purchase of summer season passes and he refused. He was condescending, rude and obnoxious.

We were terribly hurt by our loss and the coldness we received from this supposedly "family" lodge.


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Wow, that is rediculous I just recently went myself and we planned on a great experience an it was not that at all we went to the indoor waterpark planning on having a fun filled day well we went to the waterslide part where one of the lifeguards was very rude and obnoxious my husband had gone down the waterslide with our three year old and he was upset so after the guard being very rude running his mouth we left the waterslide area to talk to management where we could make a complaint it is suppose to be a family friendly environment well in the end they asked us leave because we made a complaint literally I have never been so disgusted with the service in my life I thought they were suppose to value their customers, but clearly they don't. They need to show a little compassion especially in your situation as if you knew there was going to be a death in the family I would have fought until I got a full refund. Right now I am trying to get a refund I had some very disappointed kids I can't wait to see where they go with this.


Received a phone call from the Lodge and they graciously refunded my entire amount! I would have been happy paying the cancellation fee, even double but they were kind enough to refund the entire amount. Thank You Phillip.

I was so surprised by their response and we will be making our usual 1 hour trips to their summer water park.

Thank You Great Escape!

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